Results of the Champlain Series


This link connects to the Notice of Series for both the Cannon Series and the Champlain Series

This is the fifth year of the Lake Champlain Championship Series! 

Congratulations to 2017 winners:

Griswold Cannon & Canada Goose Six Race Series:

  – Cannon       Odinn         J/111  Kjell Dahlen
  – Goose         Alchemy     J/88    Bolton/Damico

 Champlain Ten-Race Series (Thouron is Spin A, Low Point):

  – JaM A         The Avengers      Mumm 36       Duteau                  15 pts
  – JaM B         Full Fraes            Albin Express   Hinkey                  11 pts
  – Spin A        Odinn                 J/111               Dahlen                  44 pts
  – Spin B        Lift Ticket           J/27               Pratt                     34 pts
  – Spin C        Sundance           Pearson 37      Glynn                    26 pts
  – Spin D        Osprey               C&C 33-2        Porter/Knox          19 pts
  – Thouron     Odinn                 J/111               Dahlen                   7 pts

The race format we modified in 2015 by switching Ladies Cup and Mayor’s Cup to the Cannon/Goose Series, and Odziozo and Valcour to the Champlain Series worked well, so there are no changes this year.

Last year the Omnium Champlain was not run, but we are pleased to note that they are back for 2017 in a more enticing one-day format. Also, the Odziozo was abandoned when the wind died, and the Regatta for Lake Champlain fleet was hit by a fierce 56 kt squall-wall.

The Diamond Island Regatta continues to grow in popularity. 

This year, resolve to race in at least one race away from your home waters. 

The Lake Champlain Championship Series is a cooperative effort between LCYC, MBBC, RSYC and VSC. If you have a question about the LCCS, please contact the Race Committee Chair at your club and they will be able to direct you to the right person.

Results of the Cannon Series

Lake champlain championship series


 A racing series designed to promote sailing and camAraderie on lake champlain