RSYC is pleased to be hosting the Lake Champlain Championship Series Annual Awards Ceremony this year in conjunction with RSYC’s Change of Watch Dinner on Saturday, October 8 at 6:00 PM. Dinner will include appetizers, soft drinks, buffet and dessert. There will also be a cash bar. Tickets can be purchased here for only $25:


First, it is RSYC’s fall social gathering, when we pull out all the stops and celebrate our boating season with fine dining and good company.
Second, the Lake Champlain Championship Series Annual Awards Ceremony. (Visitors from other clubs could depart at this time)
Third, RSYC’s annual awards.
Finally, it’s RSYC’s official annual meeting.

Any one of these events should not be missed; all four at once, well, it will be a spectacular evening!



This is the fourth year of the Lake Champlain Championship Series!

The race format we modified last year by switching Ladies Cup and Mayor’s Cup to the Cannon/Goose Series, and Odziozo and Valcour to the Champlain Series worked well, so there are no changes this year.

The new Champlain Series trophy, a laser-etched rendering in wood of Lake Champlain, donated by Rupert Thouron and his crew of the 2014 Cannon winner Dunder, was not ready at award time last year, and the award criteria was not yet decided either. In the intervening time since then the Dunder team carefully considered several detailed scoring options. Their goal was to honor the spinnaker boat of any class that ranked first overall in the ten-race Champlain Series, using low-point scoring. But the data in the options showed that trying to score across classes was not practical or easily done. So reluctantly the Dunder team decided that the award would be for the most competitive class, Spinnaker Class A. They also decided that scoring would be the best five of the Cannon/Goose races and the best three of the four additional Champlain races.

Based on 2015 results, Buffalo Theory won first place with 20 points.  For the next two places Dunder and Odin tied with 21 points. Using RRS 8.1, the other two boats had two 1sts and two 2nds, so that tie was broken thusly: Dunder was second with two 3rds; Odin was third with three 3rds.

Last fall we awarded six new travelling trophies to the winner of each class of the Champlain Series, a photo reproduction of a 1765 survey of Lake Champlain mounted on a mahogany base.

The Lake Champlain Championship Series is a cooperative effort between LCYC, MBBC, RSYC and VSC. If you have a question about the LCCS, please contact the Race Committee Chair at your club and they will be able to direct you to the right person.

Lake champlain championship series


Results of the Cannon Series

Results of the Champlain Series


This link connects to the Notice of Series for both the Cannon Series and the Champlain Series

 A racing series designed to promote sailing and camAraderie on lake champlain