Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the LCCS!

Overall Spinnaker Cannon Trophy (All Classes) - Odinn, Kjell Dahlen

Overall Spinnaker Samuel de Champlain Trophy (Classes B & C) - Lift Ticket 2, Sam Pratt

Thouron Trophy (Spinnaker Class A Championship) - Stratos, Tom Moody/Tris Coffin

Individual Class Championship Series

Class A - Odinn, Kjell Dahlen

Class B - Lift Ticket 2, Sam Pratt

Class C - Lil' Bot, Benedek Erdos

JAM A - Schuss, Cameron Giezendanner

JAM B - Morning Star Again, Stephen Unsworth/John Stetson

The awards were presented at the MBBC Annual Banquet on Friday, October 20.


Lake champlain championship series


 A racing series designed to promote sailing and camAraderie on lake champlain